Ship fast, ship often!

Here are some of the things I've built.

  • Clack

    Sync your writing activity from Google Docs and Notion, and track your progress on a calendar.

  • setup-cli-app

    📦The easiest way to start a modern cli application with best practices and DX in mind.

  • Binary Dreams

    Make and share coolest e/acc art on the internet.✨

  • GitKeykit

    Simplify PGP key🔑 setup and signing commits on Linux and Windows.

  • 🔑 Openlgen

    Blazing fast ⚡, command line license generator in Node.js. for your open source projects.

  • Project Athena

    A student community platform and online academic resource aggregator.

  • CitySort

    A live index of the best cities to live and work in India, based on crowdsourced data.

  • Sleep Tracker and Dream Journal

    Keep track of your sleeping habits. 💤

  • Xongroh- Social media for creators

    The social designed exclusively for Creators.

  • Outnumbered

    A 2D Top-down shooter made with the Godot game engine