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I launched on Product Hunt! πŸŽ‰

What I learnt from this small launch


Riki Phukon

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I launched on Product Hunt! πŸŽ‰ post image

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What's Clack you say? Check it out here or read this writeup.

I launched Clack on Product Hunt last week. It was scary tbh because although I got everything straightened, it felt like a freaking big leap of faith to me.

There's always a feature you want to improve on, a design you wanna implement, this kept me from launching for some time. Also I didn't know what a Product Hunt hunter was until after the launch!

I've spent a lot of time on this one. The design went through multiple iterations. Countless hours were spent reading documentation to integrate Google and Notion with Clack.

I used Framer motion to animate the cards on the landing page.

I created product shots and shared them on Reddit and Discord communities. Following that, I commenced writing my initial comment. This was my opportunity to connect with potential users. All going well, it would be read by several hundred people so I wrote a long one.

In hindsight, it was a failed launch. I should have produced teasers and collaborated with a hunter, as I lacked an audience on the platform.

The Design

My aim was to omit everything superfluous and show only the essential to the best possible advantage. I wanted this to be clean, minimal. Heavily inspired by Notion.

The gradient that I used to fill the background was made by absolutely positioning a rough polygon and overlaying a translucent div node over it.

A minimal illustration to fill the empty spaces
The dash with linked Notion & Google documents

I went through a lot of session replays and after crunching the numbers, conclude that Clack lacked the audience. It could have made use of a better launch. Users were curious as isevident by the 39 seconds of average visit time on the landing page.

Anyways, time for the next one and a new and better product, and a fabulous launch!

Keep building, keep learning. After all, there’s nothing that teaches like a project!

A launch is a in important milestone for YOU! It's the first step to start something great. If the launch didn't go well, no worries. At least you launched. Most people don't take action; they merely consume. So give yourself a pat on the back.

~ Riki

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Clack on Product Hunt

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